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Read the article below to learn more about last year’s event.


2016 gala successThe 2016 fundraiser “A Taste of Autumn” celebrated 55 years of the construction of Gracenter. Our friends and supporters came together to honor remarkable individuals and stories of hope. With our deepest gratitude, we announce that we have raised over $30,000! The amount raised is enough to fund the living costs for all our women at Gracenter for over one month.

2016 gala success 2


We had about 195 people, beautiful music from the Pro Musica string quartet, and our annual awards ceremony. As part of our program, we honored Elyse Graham, Deputy Executive Director of Five Keys Charter School, and Steve Loveseth, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Parterships, Inc. They were the recipients of our annual Amazing Grace awards for outstanding contributions in the area of public health and recovery.

This year’s fundraiser was an uplifting celebration of the theme: The House that Became a Home. In honor of our annual theme and anniversary, we created a cookbook project – a compilation of recipes from the heart. The book contains stories from the current Gracenter residents along with their favorite recipes. Sisters, staff, volunteers also contributed their recipes, time and cooking skills for this community cook book. The book, “Hands of Grace”, includes an introduction by Elizabeth Holland, a Good Shepherd Gracenter graduate and writer who was published in a recent anthology called “Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It”. At Gracenter, Elizabeth found a love of cooking, writing, and life.

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Gracenter is a recovery residence that offers a supportive and gently challenging program for women who wish to strengthen their early sobriety. Typically, participants have completed a primary recovery program and are seeking to re-establish employment, healthy relationships, and deepen their spirituality through participation in 12 Step programs. We are committed to be a healing presence in the lives of women.

Located in San Francisco, and proudly serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area, Gracenter provides a stable and supportive living environment with a healthy balance of structure and independence where women can develop sober living skills as well as offering a network of professional, lay, and peer guidance support. A full-time case manager links them with the educational, employment, health care, child care and other social services they need and helps them navigate these systems to maintain their sobriety.

During their stay, the women of Gracenter learn to develop positive coping skills, as well as build healthy relationships and forge new ones that support their sobriety.

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